Domestic Services

From the simplest to the most challenging electrical work.
From repairing and installing simple power points to
sophisticated appliances, heavy duty heating and solar power systems

Dining Rooms

You design, we'll light it up

Living Rooms

You design, we'll light it up


You design, we'll make it work

In 1767- Horace de Saussure built the first solar heat collector. In 1876- William Grylls Adams and Richard Day discovered the Photo Voltaic effect.

Electricity Dynamics

Electricity Dynamics is a Sydney based company with qualified and licensed electricians. We provide a wide range of electrical services to domestic consumers as well as to industrial, retail, hospitality and institutional consumers. We also provide emergency and after hours services.

Why Electricity Dynamics

Consumers know that they cannot count on electricity companies to lower electricity rates. At Electricity Dynamics we understand the impact of high electricity prices on households' budgets. We work with our clients to deliver best quality work at highly competitive prices.

Igor Palmer

Igor is Co-Founder of Electricity Dynamics.
He is an all-round IT guy and Mechanical Engineer. Igor brings extensive expericne in projects and enterprise management. He is the guy you want to talk to if you wnat to discuss complex projects or challenging assignments. He's also the guy to negotiate with to get best deals for your projects, asignments or ongoing service agreements.

Igor is also CEO of Sun In Motion Pty. Ltd. the company that specializing in solar systems design and installations.

Binoy Philip

Binoy is Co-Founder of Electricity Dynamics. He is a highly qualified and licenced electrician with overseas and Austalian experience. Binoy is one very bight guy. Binoy's experience and know-how has been forged by working for such ilustrious organisations as UK navy and BAE Systems where he wired up navy destroyers. Moreover; he has lead electrical teams working on commercial isntallations and such critical sites as hosptitals.
Binoy is the guy you want to work on your electrical solutions if you want top quality professional job done.

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